Georgetown, Texas

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Financial Support         1

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Revision History

Date Change

Aug 1993 Approved by Congregation Council            

C4.03.gF93 Financial Support

Financial support of the total mission of the congregation shall be by means of a unified budget, encouraging all members to make financial commitments toward this support.

C5.05.01 Mission Endowment Fund

The purpose of the Mission Endowment Fund is to provide for mission work beyond the operational budget of this congregation.

C10.01.E93 Annual Meeting
The annual meeting of the congregation may be held in two sessions, in accordance with Bylaw C5.02.01. At the first session a budget will be adopted, Council members elected, and other business may be transacted. In the event of a second session, reports may be given and any additional business may be transacted. If two sessions are held, at the conclusion of the first session, the meeting is not to be adjourned, but is to be recessed until the second session. The Congregation Council is to set the date(s) for the annual meeting.

C13.07.A93. Duties of Officers
a. Building Maintenance and Repair – This committee is responsible for oversight of the congregation’s property, including building, grounds, and furnishings. The committee will see to it that the building and furnishings are kept in good repair, that the grounds are properly cared for, and that adequate insurance is maintained for protection of the property.

b. Christian Education and Youth – This committee is responsible, in consultation with the pastor(s), for oversight of the education program of the congregation. The committee is further charged with the oversight of youth work in the congregation.

c. Fellowship – This committee is responsible for fostering fellowship among members of the congregation, the integration of new members into the life of the congregation, and the general strengthening of mutual trust, cooperation, and enjoyment among members of the congregation.

d. Finance – This committee is responsible for oversight of the finances of the congregation, including the work of the treasurer and bookkeeping procedures, and causing an annual audit to be completed (see C13.03.). Such responsibilities will also include drafting a proposed annual budget each year in time for it to be considered and recommended by the Congregation Council to the congregation.

e. Outreach – This committee is responsible for visitation to prospective members and inactive members in an effort to strengthen the congregation and fulfill the Scriptural mandate to carry the Gospel to those who have not heard nor responded.

f. Service – This committee is responsible for keeping the congregation aware of the needs and opportunities for service to the community and to create and maintain programs to meet those needs and opportunities. In addition the committee will attempt to foster interest and activity among members of the congregation to serve in various community-oriented programs.

g. Stewardship – This committee is responsible for the development of Scripturally sound attitudes among members of the congregation regarding the proper use of all the gifts God has given us, including the traditional time, talent, and treasure, as well as the environment created by God.

h. Worship and Music – This committee is responsible, in consultation with the pastor(s), for oversight of worship in the congregation, to the end that worship is conducted in accordance with generally accepted Lutheran Practice and policy, and that all proper provisions for worship are regularly cared for. The committee is also responsible for the music program of the congregation, including all choirs and special music.