Important Announcement About Worship and Building Usage

A Message from the COVID Response Team:

The COVID Response Team (CRT) continues to discuss and plan requirements for members that wish to worship in person. The CRT is also aware of and monitoring situations in Georgia, Arkansas, and Texas (Houston) in which churches that ‘re-opened’ experienced outbreaks of the coronavirus. The primary concern of the CRT is limiting risk and keeping the staff and members of CLC as safe as possible.

June 7th is still a goal for opening the church to worshiping in person. When we return to worshiping in person, we will live stream both services (8:00 and 10:30) on YouTube – this is a permanent change. We will also offer a way for members to commune with us from home. Communion consists of a prefilled cup of grape juice with a wafer on top. Elements will be consecrated and available for pickup during the week so that members may commune at home while participating in the live stream. We hope this encourages our members to strongly consider continuing to worship from home, especially those in at-risk categories, those caring for at-risk persons, and those unsure about the safety of worshiping in person.

When we begin worshiping in person, the church will only be open 30 minutes prior to worship and congregants will exit the building immediately after worship so that the sanctuary, restrooms, and other common areas may be cleaned and sanitized. 

During Phase 1, as members arrive, they will be greeted in front of the church, checked in, and provided a mask if they are not wearing one. No member will be allowed to worship in person without a mask for the near future. Wearing a mask is a consideration for the safety and welfare of other CLC members worshiping in person. 

Upon entering the church, members will pick up their individually wrapped communion cups and be seated by ushers. Members will be allowed to sit next to loved ones but must maintain social distance from other members. While in the church, movement must be limited to necessary restroom visits only. Other parts of the church will not be opened, and faith formation/fellowship will not be allowed inside the church during Phase 1.

During communion, members may momentarily pull down masks to consume the elements. When worship ends, ushers will direct members to exit the building in an orderly fashion from the back of the church to the front so that social distance may be maintained.

Let us all take a moment to pray: God, we give thanks to you for all you provide, and we ask that you grant us wisdom and understanding. Give us the wisdom, O Lord, to make the right choices concerning our health and safety and grant us the understanding that sometimes those choices are made so we can do our part in providing for the health and safety of others. In all things, we strive to give You the glory and praise as we ask these things in the name of your son, Jesus Christ. Amen. 

Blessings & peace,

Covid Response Team

We will still be live-streaming worship since this does not violate the order in any way. Our weekly offerings will include the following:


8 AM – In-Person & Live stream worship
10:30 AM – In-Person & Live stream worship

DOWNLOAD Worship Guide Here


Matthew’s Music Monday – organ piece and commentary recording

Sunday Worship and Matthew’s Music Monday videos will be made available to watch on our YouTube channel and on our website. Links to videos will be shared through Constant Contact email. All other announcements, decisions, and additional spiritual growth and faith formation suggestions and opportunities will also be shared through Constant Contact.

We have several opportunities for you to continue your giving which include:

Communication is very important at this time so please ensure:

  • We have your current email on file.
  • You join our CLC Facebook Group. Search Facebook for Christ Lutheran Georgetown TX and submit your request to join.
  • You call the office if you don’t currently receive regular church emails such as the weekly announcements.
  • You share the names of members that are not able to access electronic notifications if you know of any.

We wish you all God’s blessings & peace,

Pastor Paul Kersten

Senior Pastor

Lee Thompson

Church Administrator

David Oberrender

Council President

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