What is a Milestone?

A faith milestone is a marker along life’s journey that says, “This is something important and God is here, too.” Marking a milestone is a Biblically-based spiritual practice in both home and congregation, that helps all generations recognize God’s presence in all of life.

Four Elements of a Faith Milestone:
Name it ~ Equip it ~ Bless it ~ Gift it

Milestones we recognize at Christ Lutheran:

       Time of Year           Milestone                        Age

  • Beginning of Lent                            Prayer Introduction                         PreK/Kinder
  • Maundy Thursday Agape Feast    First Communion                              K – 5th Grade
  • May                                                     High School Graduation                12th Grade
  • June/July                                          Blessing of Campers                         school age
  • August                                                Blessing of the Backpacks              school age
  • August                                                Entering Middle School                  6th grade
  • October                                              Affirmation of Baptism                   9th grade
  • November                                          Bible Blessing                                     3rd grade
  • Any time                                             Baptism                                                 Any age


Baptism, Prayer, 1st Communion, Blessing of Campers, Blessing of Backpacks, Bible Presentation, Entering Confirmation, Affirmation of Baptism (Confirmation), and Graduation.