Georgetown, Texas

Table of Contents

C12.06.01   Organizational Structure         1 

C10.01.01   Congregation Meeting         2

C8.05.01     Removal of Members Due To Inactivity         2

C11.01.01   Duties Of Officers         2

C12.11.01   Chronic or Repeated Absence         2

C13.06.01   Memorial Garden         2

Revision History

Date Change

Aug & Oct 1993 Approved by Congregation Council & Synod Office             

Oct 21, 2012 C13.06.01  Approved by Congregation 

C12.06.01      Organizational Structure

The congregation’s organizational structure is as follows:

  1. Congregation Council, as described in the Constitution, Chapter 12.
  2. Committees…committee duties are described in the Continuing Resolutions, as specified in the Constitution C13.07

1. Building and Maintenance

2. Christian Education and Youth

3. Fellowship

4. Finance

5. Outreach

6. Service

7. Stewardship

8. Worship and Music

C10.01.01    Congregation Meeting

An Annual Meeting shall be held for the purpose of adopting a budget, electing members to the Congregation Council, hearing reports of the congregation’s work, and conducting any other general business related to the congregation’s mission.  This meeting may be held in two sessions, as specified in the Continuing Resolutions.

C8.05.01 Removal of Members Due to Inactivity

The Congregation Council and pastor(s) shall conduct an annual review of the membership roll in an effort to determine those who should be placed on inactive status or removed from the roll.

C11.01.01 Duties of Officers

  1. The President of the congregation (and Council) shall preside at meetings of the Congregation Council and of the Congregation.
  2. The Vice President (President-elect) will assume the responsibilities of the president in the absence of the president.  The vice president will also oversee the work of the committees in an effort to assist them in carrying out their responsibilities as specified in the Continuing Resolutions.  By designating the vice president as “president-elect,” it is presumed that the person elected to this office will become president of the congregation as that office is vacated.
  3. The Secretary will keep accurate minutes of meetings of the Congregation Council as well as of the congregation, such minutes to be filed in the church office for safe keeping and future reference.
  4. The Treasurer will keep an accurate record of all income and disbursements and will present regular reports to the Congregational Council as well as to the congregation.  The treasurer may disburse funds in accordance with the budget adopted by the congregation and as may be further directed by the Congregation Council.

C12.11.01    Chronic or Repeated Absence

Chronic or repeated absence of the pastor or interim pastor who has refused approval of the agenda of a subsequent regular or special meeting shall not preclude action by the Congregation Council, following consultation with the synodical bishop. 

C13.06.01    Memorial Garden 

This congregation shall have a Memorial Garden Ministry that will operate as specified in this congregation’s continuing resolutions.