You Are Welcome Here
I hope you know we really do mean that

We do our best to live God’s outrageous welcome and Jesus’ all-inclusive invitation to come and see the height, depth, and breadth of the life-changing love of God for you and for the whole world.

I invite you to come and see what God is up to here at Christ Lutheran Church
When you do, bring your whole self

your joy and pain,
your struggles and your celebrations,
your doubts and questions and your assuredness,
and encounter the grace and love of Jesus who is with us always and whose love is abundant and steadfast and for you and for the whole world.

You have skills and gifts and experiences that make us a more complete community. We know we are better when we more accurately reflect the beauty, wonder, and diversity of God’s creation. Which means we know we need you and your unique voice and personhood to come alongside us and teach us as we all learn together what it is to be loved by God and to love God and neighbor.

May the Grace and Peace of God be a known and felt reality for you every day.