You do not have to become a member of Christ Lutheran Church to participate with us in our community of faith. You are still welcome to worship with us and participate in the ministries offered at Christ Lutheran Church.

We believe that deciding to become a member of Christ Lutheran Church strengthens the bond between member and congregation and it establishes a formal commitment of congregation to member and member to congregation that we join together in our calling to be God’s instruments of love and grace, ministering to those in need.

This commitment of care and  responsibility symbolizes a willingness to learn and grow in faith with the congregation and deepens the meaning of participation in the entire Body of Christ as well as in the ministries within Christ Lutheran Church, in our Georgetown Community, and in our world.

Should you wish to become a member of our faith community at Christ Lutheran Church, or you have questions about becoming a member,  please let us know on Sunday, stop by during office hours, call us at 512-863-2844, or email the Pastor or the Church Secretary at

Pastor or our Church Secretary will share with you the details of membership and assist with any questions you have about the process. Typically, we will provide you with materials about our church, our Synod, and the ELCA. A short orientation is offered throughout the calendar year – we feel participation in this orientation is beneficial to new members as it provides members an opportunity to find ways to connect with others in ministry, service, and groups.

Finally, we ask that you be received as a new member during worship – scheduling for new member Sundays will be handled by our Church Secretary. Our pastor will guide you through a few questions at the altar and we typically have a reception in your honor on new member Sunday.